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2021-2022 ESSER III/SIIP At-a-Glance

Franklin Sherman ES

Region 2

Kathleen Quigley, Principal


Background: The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER III) is a federal grant which requires that spending be used in specific areas.  Part of the Fairfax County Public Schools spending plan identifies funding to be used for Unfinished Learning and Student Academic and Social, Emotional, Mental Health (Wellness) Needs.  Schools have been given funding allocations to support the academic and wellness needs of students.  Schools are required to create plans in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Wellness highlighting the strategies they will use to support these areas using their ESSER III funding.  These strategies are shown below.

ESSER III English Language Arts Strategies

Outcome: Ensure students are making sufficient progress to be on grade level in English Language Arts.

Strategy 1

Leverage Tier 1 Core resources to support Small Group Tier 2 Instruction

Strategy 2

Small Group Tier 2 Instruction to reteach essential standards in summarizing and drawing conclusions or making inferences in fiction and nonfiction texts in grades 3-6

Strategy 3

Small Group Tier 2/Tier 3 Instruction with BrainSpring Phonics First

Small Group Tier 3 instruction that targets a specific literacy skill (e.g., fluency) using MTSS Reading Hyperdoc


ESSER III Mathematics Strategies

Outcome: Ensure students are making sufficient progress to be on grade level in Mathematics.

Strategy 1

Tier 1 Core reteaching resources and ST Math for small group instruction in the Core during the math workshop

Strategy 2

Small group instruction supplement to Core (Tier 2/3 supports)

Strategy 3

Small group Tier 3 instruction that targets specific math skills (i.e. place value) using the MTSS Math Hyperdoc


ESSER III Wellness Strategies

Outcome: Ensure students feel safe, included, and supported in the school environment.

Strategy 1

Fully implement Responsive Classroom practices in all classrooms

Strategy 2

Provide Tier I resources to help with self regulation

Strategy 3

Providing Tier II supports to students demonstrating need for self regulation and/or social interaction support


Background: All Fairfax County schools are also required to complete an access and opportunity goal as part of their School Innovation and Improvement Plan (SIIP) and can also capture additional goals.  These are shown below.

Access & Opportunity End of Year SMARTR Outcome


100% of our K-6 students will receive instruction with lessons from the AAP curriculum quarterly.

Strategy 1

Classroom teachers will collect evidence through a virtual portfolio or a hard copy portfolio to document implementation of instruction using AAP materials

Strategy 2

Identify extensions and Level IV supports for students who are in need of enrichment in literacy.


For additional information regarding this School Plan, please contact the school principal.

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