March 15, 2019

The Tier 1 Behavior/Wellness Committee is a team of staff members comprised of at least 1 teacher from each grade level as well as representatives from the specialists, counseling, and administration. As a school, we developed school-wide expectations, routines, and procedures that we are committed to ensuring all students and staff understand and follow.

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Monthly, the team uses data to celebrate our successes and if applicable problem-solve for the needs of our school and implement solutions. Students are supported through the explicit teaching and recognition of the expectations, routines, and procedures across the school day. Staff are supported through ongoing professional development and clear expectations.


In addition, the Tier 1 Behavior/Wellness Committee ensures all students and staff engage in the Positivity Project on a weekly basis. The Positivity Project explicitly teaches 24-character traits that all humans exhibit. The teaching includes how to recognize the trait and its importance in our everyday lives.